Track Schedule Final weeks

Here is the Final 4 weeks of Sliding!!
The last few weeks are here!! Skeleton is almost done for the Season but not till we hold a few more big events.
March 1st, Provincial Championships
March 7th, Talent Id Talisman centre, 11:30, contact - if you want to test or know someone interested
March 14th, Discover Skeleton 11-3pm, 12:30 Ice time Volunteers at 12noon.
March 14th, Discover 5-9pm, 6:30 Ice time, Volunteers at 6pm
March 15th, Masters Tower Race, 1pm Open to everyone we will slide from Men’s Luge tower, lots of fun and adventure from a different start position
March 21st Discover Skeleton 11:30-3:30pm, 1pm Ice time Volunteers at 12:30pm.
March 21st Discover 5-9pm, 6:30 Ice time, Volunteers at 6pm
Final Slide on the ice Sunday March 22, 1:30pm

Regular training
Every Session is open to all slider!! Make use of the good ice, great weather and the final bit of training time you have!!
Most sessions are still coached.

Provincial Championships – Race protocol and sign up are at the BNTC. Volunteers are needed so let me know if you can help out!

Discover Skeleton – All the money from the Discovers allows ASA to keep your fees low. Discover money helps pay for ice time, equipment, coaching fees ect. So help us help you volunteer for a Discover or Three.