ASA Cup #1 – A great day for racing!

Ice conditions have been good this last month, and although the snow guns at COP put a couple inches of “slow” on the track this week, our Saturday afternoon race seemed to be almost perfect.

Personal bests where achieved by several competitors and most notably a Canadian push record was set. For ten years the Canadian men's push record of 4.89 has sat as a goal for everyone to strive for, but at his first ASA Cup, rookie athlete Alex Hanssen set a new standard. Hanssen's first push of a 4.94 was very impressive – who knew he had more to give? With a blistering 4.87 seconds in the second heat, this surfer – who has also done a bit of track – sped into the record books. We look forward to other history-making achievements by Alex and all our athletes in the years to come.