Where do I start?

There are several ways to become involved in the sport of skeleton in Canada:

Skeleton truly is for anyone - we do recommend that you have a need for speed though! Depending on where you are located you can start off with Learning How to Push in the Icehouse in Calgary and then test out the track in Whistler, BC at a Public Skeleton session reaching speeds of up to 100km/hr, ultimately joining a Snipers Skeleton Camp in Whistler, BC to work your way up the track. Top speeds from skeleton start in Whistler are around 140km/hr

  • Equipment

    Whether you are on the track or in the icehouse, you will need the following: Durable Gloves (Not too thick, not mittens) Tighter fitting warm clothes that you don't mind scuffing up Mouth Guard Spikes* ASA or WSC will provide the sled, spikes and helmet. *You will need to purchase your own spikes if you progress past the public skeleton sessions