Calgary Track Information

The Calgary track was completed in 1987 for the 1988 Winter Olympics. At a cost of $27 Million Dollars this fully refrigerated track gives Canadian athletes a world class training center. As well, athletes from around the World come to train and compete in International events for Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge.

  • Length: 1,475 m
  • Vertical Drop: 121.2 m
  • Maximum Grade: 15%
  • Minimum Grade: -5.0%
  • Average Grade: 8.6%
  • Curves Left: 8
  • Curves Right: 6


Men's 50m Push Record

Date Name Nation Time Event
2005-11-10 Alexander Tretiakov Russia 4.77 WC 9th Place
2004-11-26 Kevin Ellis USA 4.84 AC 2nd
2003-12-12 Inoue Masanori Japan 4.86 WC (DNF)
2002-11-02 Rashaam Francis Canada 4.89 N/A
2000-11-12 Lincoln DeWitt USA 5.00 N/A
1992-02-16 Gregor Stahli Switzerland 5.01 N/A

Women's 50m Push Record

Date Name Nation Time Event
2010-01-16 Sarah Sydney Great Britain 5.29 ICC 15th Place
2003-11-29 Lindsay Alcock Canada 5.30 WC 1st
2001-02-02 Ekaterina Mironova Russia 5.40 N/A
1998-12-13 Steffi Hanslik Germany 5.58 N/A

Men's Track Record

Date Name Nation Time Event
2005-02-21 Jeff Pain Canada 55.72 WM 1st Place
2004-10-30 Duff Gibson Canada 56.18 NTS – Canadian Record
2002-11-23 Jeff Pain Canada 56.27 N/A
2001-02-11 Martin Rettl Austria 56.60 WM 1st
1998-12-13 Ryan Davenport Canada 56.82 N/A
1992-02-15 Bruce Sandford New Zealand 57.21 N/A

Women's Track Record

Date Name Nation Time Event
2007-03-11 Michelle Kelly Canada 56.93 Canadian Champs – Canadian Record
2004-01-11 Lindsay Alcock Canada 57.78 Canadian Champs – Canadian Record
2002-11-02 Lindsay Alcock Canada 57.81 N/A
1998-12-13 Steffi Hanslik Germany 59.36 N/A
1998-02-07 Steffi Hanslik Germany 59.92 N/A

FIBT Rule # 8.8 Track Records and Start Records - Track records and start records will only be recognized by the FIBT if they have been performed during official international FIBT races.

International Tracks

There are 14 tracks used for skeleton around the world, most of which were built for Olympic Winter Games. All but one are artifically refrigerated, using technology similar to hockey rinks. The track in the ski resort town of St. Moritz, Switerland is the only natural track, built each year by hand, using ice cut from nearby lakes.

There are four track in North America: Whistler (BC), Calgary (AB), Park City, Utah (USA) and Lake Placid, NY (USA).

There are ten tracks in Europe: Konigssee (Germany), Altenberg (Germany), Winterberg (Germany), Igls (Austria), Cesana (Italy), St. Moritz (Switzerland), Lillehammer (Norway), Sigulda (Latvia), Paramonova (Russia), La Plagne (France). Another track is currently under construction in Sochi (Russia) for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The is currently one track in Asia, in Nagano (Japan), with another that will be added for the 2018 Olympics in Peong Chang (Korea).