Skeleton Schools

Anyone who wants to get involved in sliding regularly, whether recreationally or competitively, must complete a skeleton school.

There is a limit to 20 spots for each Skeleton School. Athletes who have completed and ranked well in a Talent Id Camp and those who fit the Long Term Athlete Development model will be given first opportunity for school spots. The scheduled schools for each season will be listed here and on our calendar page.

2017-2018 Skeleton School will be scheduled later this summer likely being held between mid October and the first part of November 2017.

An additional Skeleton school may be added in December if there is enough interest. If you want in please let us know.

This three-day course, which is generally held on weekends, costs $375 and includes all equipment, a one-year membership to Alberta Skeleton,and a downloadable copy of your first runs down the track. Upon successful completion of your school, you will have earned your skeleton pilot's license, which, in general, does not expire. License renewal is $125 each year and is good until the following season.

While Canadians have priority for school spots, international (non-Canadian) sliders may participate in a school for $500.

You must be a minimum of 14 years of age in order to participate, and sliders under 18 years of age require a signature from a parent/legal guardian. This Parent or Guardian must also hold a valid membership with the association.

Payment for the School can be made E-mail transfer

A typical skeleton school follows the following format:

Day 1 (Beginning at the Ladies Luge Start Position, entering corner 6 of 14)

  1. Sign-up
  2. Welcome and Introduction
  3. Safety
  4. Equipment
  5. Body Position
  6. Basic Steering and Control
  7. Position on Track
  8. Track Walk
  9. Sliding from Ladies Luge Start Dock (2 runs)
  10. Video Review and Questions

Day 2 (Beginning at the Ladies Luge Start Position, entering corner 6 of 14)

  1. Introduction to Day 2
  2. Body and Head Position
  3. Intermediate Steering and Control
  4. Position on Track (additional corners)
  5. Track Walk
  6. Sliding from Ladies Luge Start Ramp (3 runs)
  7. Video Review and Questions

Day 3 (Beginning at the TOP! entering corner 1 of 14)

  1. Introduction to Day 3
  2. Position on Track (additional corners)
  3. Advanced Steering
  4. Push Start Technique
  5. Competition Rules
  6. Track Walk
  7. Start Announcer Procedure
  8. Sliding from Bob Start (3 runs)
  9. Video Review and Questions
  10. How to Continue in Skeleton
  11. Skeleton Sliding Programs, Provincial Development Team or Provincial Team
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