Equipment Resources

The sport of Skeleton uses ski-racing helmets with chin guards. Most ski shops carry a variety of brands like, Uvex, Carrera and Beori, Swans ect. The hard part is to find a proper chin guard, it should be manufactured for the helmet and bolt in place. It should fit closely to the face and be wide enough to protect the jaw. Often you will see Slalom racing chin guards made of metal or thin plastic which stick far out front. These will not work for Skeleton.
Cost about $160 - $280

The one piece Uvex helmets used by World Cup athletes are expensive and hard to come by, they do have integrated visors and its carbon-fibre shell is very light weight. These are not a requirment but are preffered by top level athletes.
Cost about $400-$500

ASA uses thin shatterproof lexan to make visors; the piece of plastic is cut to fit the helmet and is taped in place. Visors are available from ASA. Motorcycle visors are also used but tend to be ridged and should not be modified to fit the helmet. Any modifications to manufactured plastics compromise their structure and they become prone to breaking. More aerodynamic Luge visors are also available.
Cost about $5 -$50

All races require the use of Bob or Skeleton spikes. Adidas make bob spikes however they are difficult to get and cost a lot. They can be ordered off the web and should fit like any other shoe.
Cost about $400

Training Suits
Start with a lycra suit, these are great for training, sizes S, M, L.
Cost about $8 -$350
The Dive Shop - 4652 Macleod Trail SW (403) 243-4616 E-mail
The Speed Skate Cellar - 4628 Bowness Road (403) 286-4000 E-mail:

Race Suits
Custom fit lycra suits .
Cost About $500
QuixSkinz - Calgary