Ice House and Learn To Push schedule

Ice House schedule and Learn To Push
Alberta Skeleton has ice house time booked at 18:30 – 20:00 on Tuesdays, and 14:30 – 16:30 on Saturdays. See attached schedule for Learn To Push dates as well.

Learn To Push at Canada Olympic Park. As part of our recruitment efforts we offer to prospective athletes the opportunity to push a real sled on real ice!
Summer Ice House training starts mid-June with the "Learn to Push"program.
Please arrive 30 minutes ahead of time as Emily and Micaela will go through a proper warm up procedure with you.
The first learn to push session will take place Saturday June 24th.
Learn to push sessions will be offered June 24, 27, July 11 (tentative) and August 22, these sessions will be coached by Emily Macleod, and or Micaela Widmer, with assistance from some veteran skeleton athletes.
Winsport waivers need to be signed prior to sliding, please go to the Bob Niven Training Centre reception desk and one of the Winsport employees will give you the waiver to fill out and sign.
The first learn to push session is free, if you choose to continue the fee is $100.00 for the entire program which runs from July 20th to October.
We supply the equipment, sled, helmet, elbow guards, but please bring additional clothing like a long sleeve shirt, long pants and lightweight gloves. The ice is cold and sharp, we don’t want any unprotected skin getting road rash.

Ice House etiquette:
Arrive 30min prior to warm up and to make best use of ice time
LEAVE THE DOOR SHUT so the ice doesn’t melt.
No outside footwear to be on the ice surface, a lot of work has gone in to making the ice, please show consideration of that work.
Mark your name down on the white board as it is the “start list” for the session.
Long sleeve shirts and leggings are to be worn.

Please let us know if you wish to attend a Learn Top Push, or if you have any other questions.