Movement Screening

Movement Screening, please leave a comment below with the time you wish to do the testing.
Availbable times
Here are a couple of options for days
Option A: Friday evening + Saturday afternoon or evening (depending on people’s work schedules)
Option B: Friday evening + Sunday afternoon or evening
Option C: Saturday afternoon or evening + Sunday afternoon or evening.

Looking at 10 athletes in each group. Each session will take 1.5hrs We will try to fill up the sessions so you may get moved from Option C to B if we
Choose which one you’d like. But just so you're clear - you have the two sessions to do within a group, Part A = Movement Screen and Part B= Exercise Recommendations.

For the second day, going over the exercise recommendations it would be great to have access to:
· Mats again for each athlete (they can bring their own if they have them)
· Theraband or regular exercise tubing (one for each athlete – light to medium resistance as the exercises are demos)…if people have their own they can bring along
· 2 x 6 board (s) and Reebok Steps if possible
· Yoga blocks or athletes can bring towels with them to roll up
· Light to medium medicine balls (athletes would work in pairs so do not need one ball for each)
· Skipping ropes
· Dowel rods to go over squat, lunge and hurdle step exercises with no weight
· Light db’s would be great as well but we can get away without them

If you have this gear then please bring it as ASA only has access to BNTC equipment and I don't think they have everything.