Canadian Skeleton Inter-Provincial Program Outline

Selection Process & Criteria
The Selection Process for the Canadian Inter-Provincial program has been designed, with the support of Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton (BCS), to develop athletes in preparation for the upcoming 2012 Youth Olympic Games, and to sustain World Junior, World Championship, and Olympic Champions through to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and beyond.

For the 2011-12 competitive season, the Inter-Provincial Program will use a Selection Race Series consisting of two (2) x two (2) run races in Calgary. The first race will identify (via National Skeleton Program – Selection Criteria) those athletes that will continue forward to the National Skeleton Program Selection Races. These athletes will also be granted a position on the 2011-12 Inter-Provincial Team should they not qualify for the National Team Program at the conclusion on the National Selection Process.

Athletes must earn their eligibility to try-out for the Inter-Provincial Team by completing the Push Analysis from the Inter-Provincial Development Camp #3. Points will not be awarded for the Push Analysis. Results from the camp will be used by the IP Selection Committee when applying Coach’s Discretion to selection decisions. For those athletes invited to compete in the National Skeleton Program Selection Races, please refer to the National Skeleton Program Selection Criteria for protocols and performance requirements. The document can be viewed on the BCS website.

Eligibility for Inter-Provincial Team Selection
• Athletes having participated in the Inter-Provincial Selection Race(s), unless authorized by the respective PSO Development Coordinators and/or Head Coaches, and/or BCS National Development Coordinator.
• Athletes have shown a commitment to the Inter-Provincial Program through attendance at Inter-Provincial Development Camps, team meetings or any other expected participation event as determined by ASA and/or BCS.
• Athlete aligns within the Long Term Athlete Development Model as determined by BCS.
• Athlete’s physical performance, health and well-being must be in a state of progression as a whole.
• Athletes must be members in good standing of a recognized BCS club and/or provincial association.
• Athletes must have a valid passport.
• Athletes must be eligible for a Canadian FIBT license.
• Athletes must have parental consent if under the age of 18 at the time of the Selection Race(s).
• Athletes must sign an Inter-Provincial Program (ASA) and/or BCS 2011-12 Athlete Agreement prior to participating in any FIBT sanctioned event (Including any and all FIBT races).
• No athlete will be entered into an international competition for the Inter-Provincial Program or BCS with positive results from anti-doping testing.
• Athlete must have completed the Push Analysis.
• Athletes must be a minimum of 16 years of age on or before the start date of the first America’s Cup Race of the 2011-12 Season.
• Athletes whom have been released from or taken leave of absence from the Inter-Provincial Program in the past may be eligible for 2011-12 Team Selection based on Coach’s Discretion.

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